Need a  G h o s t W r i t e r?

Copywriter?  Articles?  Poems?

  I was born to write and named for royaltie$

Silly songs for Children?

Need help sharpening a letter?

My middle name is Succinct.

  I write to the point.

Want someone’s   a t t e n t i o n   or need to make something  irresistible ? ? ?

Sales Letter?  Sales Pitch?  Let’s get RICH!

CONTACT  me – “write” away!

…peruse some of my PUBLICATIONS…

I don’t nitpick, but I do critiques and I write reviews too.

Options to start with, you choose…

editing?  Re-Writing?  Send me what you have & I’ll send it back BETTER!

I’m a Virgo… which means I have alot of experience with PERFECTIONISM!!

 contact ME directly

Don’t kill yourself over a deadline…

Let’s FINISH this

TAMARA ROYAL, born to write named for royaltie$

CONTACT her now!

aka, The Edge Expert

It’s gotta have some edge, or it’s blah blah blah

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