T H A N K    G O D !

Books have their dedications, this is my THANKSGIVING…


Andy Seltzer and his beautiful wife Wendy: Thank you for a decade of positive psychology.  You inspire me to “exit through the gift shop.”

Anthony, Anthony & Steve, MMI: Thanks guys!

Anton Domansky:  Thank you for inspiring “Dancing Bug” in word and soul.

Antonis: Thank you for waiting on me.

Andrew Paulus:  Thank you for Amigo.

Arlene Uss, Director, Center for Early Care & Education, Bank Street: Thank you for approving my application and sharing your enthusiasm, when I needed it the most.

BUBALA: Thank you for Bubalaing me, and suggesting I take care of my husbands first wife, ME.

Charlie’s, West 169th St, NYC- Thank you for inspiring me.  I needed a new place.

C. Kneller: Thanks anyway.  I decided to live off my own trust fund; I trust God and it’s FUN! 

Cheryll Y Greene: Adjectives, Adverbs, Verbs,…It was “dole”  that did it for me! Thank you for being my instructor and editor.

CONNIE: Thank you for being my “otherMother,” my fan, my encouragement, motivation and the kick in the ass to get out there.

Danny Rhodes: Thank you for being in my corner.  Still.

David Beyda,  Thank you for all the fun photography.  I can picture it.

Diana Nazar: Thank you for inspiring a sense of art & community…and suggesting I write “Peace, Love and Lasagna”

Dr. Alain Buttler:  Thank you for operating on my heart. You are an astounding surgeon, but it’s never to late to be a rock star, or goat farmer and purveyor of goat cheese.  Your articulacy is unmatched.

Ester Olvera:  Thank you for supporting my interest in poetry and co-faciitatiing our Poetry Workshop.  You are sweeter than sugar.  I am deeply grateful for your sincerity.

Florence: You say “oddest” I say “artist”.  Thanks.

G o d : Thank you for guiding me, leading me, and saving me, and inspiring me and helping me, and saving me again, and reassuring me, and blessing me and….

Gramps:  Tinkering on your computer…you  advised me to do the same.  I suppose I started writing when you became my pen pal.  Now that you’ve passed to Heaven, my pen is my pal! And, thanks for suggesting I quit biting my nails too- red polish looks much better on the keyboard.  Thank you.

Henry Gerard Clark: Thank you for my desk.  You inspired my “Dr. Barista” pasquinade.

Mallone, James: You saved my home, built my studio and taught me how to paint.   If it wasn’t for your Mother’s down south, home-made, crushed pecan, chocolate frosting, chocolate cake—I probably wouldn’t have had the energy to write, anything.  I am so thankful to be blessed by both of you.

Jason J Cross:  Thank you for calling my Christian radio station “graveyard music”!  I’m so thankful, you like it now too!!

Jean-Giovanni -Battista: I’d rather be cutting hair with you.  And tell Ann Marie, I said thank you for tips-tips!  And, please thank your Mom and Dad- you and your family loved me through college.

Linda Aksomitis: Thank you for the CyberWelcome to becoming a Netizen, and for sharing your CyberKnowledge.

Marc Micali: Thank you for always forgiving me when I never return your calls.  I don’t talk much on the phone, that’s why I think I have some things to write about!

M i k e   C u r r y :  Thanks for being my BIKE PAL, inspiring me to edit finish, “Dr. Barista”, thank you for embracing my frugalista, and thank you for sharing your BRILLIANT writing with me.

Mike Fitelson, Associate Publisher, ManhattanTimes: Thank you for publishing my first story, and remembering me for the other work I do.

Mommasitta: Thank you for being my biggest fan, my only fan, and my best fan!

Monk:   Thanks to you.

Mother Theresa: Thank you

NARRATIVE  WRITING FRIENDS: Thank you for your supportive listening,  inspiration, and ideas!  I am grateful you shared your art, pain, writing and joys. Thank you for being my role-models & mentors, I aspire to be…and I write thanks to all of you.

NYC:  I love New York.  And New York loves me back!  Thank You

Niecy T’s: Thank you for departing from heaven to be my sweet, sweet nieces.   You inspire my silly songs…and my imagination…

Nick Yayger: Thank you for doing my laundry.  I’d rather write than clean! reallyrandomraymond, thank you for being the first blogger to like my blog!

PS 5 Head Start: Vanessa, Maria, Margenys; Rommy, Mayra, Luz; Marinela, Yvette, Rosa; Ms. K, Carmensitta, Jackie; Rosario,  Roberto, Maribel, Daisy, Alida, Vicky, Josette, all the parents & every child Muchas Gracias!

Reverend Jack Bomar & &   Thank you for validating the TRUTH: Jesus came so that we may have LIFE!  And have it more ABUNDANTLY!  Thank you for sharing RICH thoughts and paths to PROSPERITY....

Robert Friedman,, – we work to the beat of our own drum.  Thanks.

RON: Thank you for all the reminders of a good God! Bananas, oranges, chocolate at 3:30- the constant help cleaning up my constant mess and most importantly the List.  Thank you for sending Marilyn Monroe to whisper in my ear.

SIMON, Forever Simon Jeweler, NYC:  I’ve got “rocks in my head, thanks to you!”

Sistersita: Thank you for leading the way to going away, grad school, NYC and…?

St. Teresa of Avila & St Theresa of Lisieux: Thank you…

Tanya: Your art inspires mine.  Thank you, for being my ANGEL…

teamCONTINUUM: Thank you for your generous donations, sponsoring “INSPIRATION” and supporting Narrative Medicne- you have helped heal my heart and move forward in life.  I am truly honored.  And a thank you to anyone and everyone who runs, works, writes, anything in the effort to fundraise for teamCONTINUUM.  It helped me.  I have a new life, thanks to you.

Tommy: Thankx for the exchange of slang

Victoria Sherrow, Thank you for being my editor when I did not have a computer, my work was late and all I could do was try. Thank you for the divine, virtual friendship & support., Julia Cameron; Thank you for introducing me God as Artist.  The Great Creator.  Not by brain, but by spirit., Kathleen Crisci & Sarah Durham; Andrea, Barry, Don, Donetta, Javier, Lara, Pam, Peter, Rachel, Rita Thank you for sharing your ideas & editing.  I learned how to be a writer from you.

“ZELLY”  Thanks a million!   You have domesticated me— adopting a tree!  Everyone in NYC could have a tree, like you.  Thank you for stewarding me.



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