A B O U Tamara

TR- Mark Bennington Photography (2 of 179)

I color with words

They paint my world

Taking  pictures  is my way of capturing what I contemplate, and contemplating what I capture…

My intention is to connect, help, heal and laugh, more.

Tamara Royal,  Author/Speaker

 Tamara Royal, Author of Bitch It Up A Notch and several children’s stories has also been published by The Manhattan Times, The Children’s Aid Society, anthologized in “Inspiration” and “PoemMobile.” Her writing has been translated into Spanish with projects sponsored by Team Continuum at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and is utilized in workshops for inspiration and education.

She is a successful Director of a thriving education program, in Washington Heights, which became a powerful model in NYC.   Leading innovative training, and consultation for over 15 years, she is part of an exemplary initiative replicated worldwide. National and International visitors representing all levels of government, education, business, philanthropy, the media and the research community visit to learn from her experience and leadership.

Tamara Royal received three Excellence Awards in recognition of her outstanding service from the Children’s Aid Society, a top rated charity. She holds the Executive Leadership in the Not-for-Profit Sector Credential from NYU School of Social Work and the Family Development Leadership Credential from Cornell University. She earned her Master’s degree from Adelphi University.

Tamara  has been studying Argentine Tango since 2013, and enjoys social dancing.  However, when it comes to speaking spanish, “she can’t speak it, but she can cook it.”

Tamara Royal, on the left with her Gramps and sister


  1. saw a link to your blog on one of my other blogs http://christianityasiunderstandit.wordpress.com/ thought I would trot over and see who you were 🙂 Something on your bio caught my eye…you’ve experienced some very heavy stuff in your life…wow…I can’t even begin to imagine. Anyway, I sense God’s grace flowing from your blog..so I thought I would say “hi” a fellow blogger. DM

    1. HI, and thank you. Yes, wow, thank YOU for your compassion…God’s still good, no matter what. It’s all trained my brain to keep counting the blessings even in the midst of disaster and despair! Thanks for trotting over- I just started putting myself out there, so I greatly appreciate the acknowledgment. Muchas Gracias!

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