We all moan, “If only I knew then, what I know now…”

We cannot go back to be smarter teenagers, wiser women, or more knowledgeable men.  However, we can look to the past year, and recall what we learned.  And remember it this year…

Years ago I made one final resolution.  Not to make resolutions.  It worked.

This year, I declared KNEW YEAR!  Keeping with my new years resolution, not making resolutions, I decided to recall what I learned last year.

If we learned one thing, we are all smarter this year, than last year.  Who hasn’t had some hard lessons, hard times, challenges, unnecessary pain, and stupid moves…

Unlike school, this is life.  We get the test first, then the lesson.  Like courage.  We experience the fear first, feel courageous afterward.

It’s been my experience, that God keeps us enrolled.  He will keep schooling us, as long as we show up for class: prayer, reading and listening to scripture.  That way, He blesses us with His lessons of wisdom first.  Instead of failing tests, and suffering unnecessary struggles, we are prepared for life.  Smarter.  Better.  Blessed.

If we remember what we learned from God last year, life will be better this year.

(Doesn’t mean it will be easier.)

Happy Knew Year.

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